System Components

AIC Group offer a range of products and components that compliment our thermal treatment and waste to energy systems, and which can be retrofitted to existing systems.


AIC Group supply, commission and maintain a wide variety of burners across a broad range of industries.

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Control Systems

AIC Group control panels have a variety of applications, ranging from single motor starter panels to panels that operate completely automated plant and production.

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AIC Group offer a range of cooling options to fit your requirements and to complement our thermal treatment solutions.

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AIC Group offer a wide range of fans to suit individual flow, pressure and temperature requirements.

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Pollution Control Systems

AIC Group offer a range of dry ceramic filtration systems to suit a wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

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Temperature Probes

AIC Group provide thermocouples that offer precise and reliable accuracy in the most demanding and volatile environments.

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AIC Group designs, manufactures, commissions and maintains shredding systems to complement our thermal treatment systems or to stand alone in a range of industries.

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Heat Exchangers & Boilers

AIC Group heat exchanger systems are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit your needs and are capable of producing hot water, saturated or dry steam.

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Thermal Oxidisers

AIC Group Manufacture a Range of Modular Thermal Oxidisers To Suit A Wide Variety Of Applications

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Refractory Products

AIC Group stock a wide range of refractory products and materials for supply throughout the UK & Europe, as well as supply and fit services.

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Electrical Energy Generation

Our heat exchanger range allows you to utilise heat from the thermal treatment process or other heat generating processes to create hot water or steam for heating homes, office areas, warehouses, production facilities and can be utilised in your production processes.

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