Legislation – AIC EcoTech Thermal Treatment & Waste To Energy Systems are designed to ensure full compliance with European, national and local legislative requirements.

Our equipment complies fully with manufacturing, emissions, waste management and general environmental permitting conditions. How our equipment is regulated depends on a number of factors including feedstock, installation location, size of installation and equipment throughput capabilities.

Legislation and Regulation

EU Based Legislation Surrounding AIC EcoTech Incineration & Waste To Energy Systems –

Previously plants handling waste materials within the EU fell under the Waste incineration Directive (WID).

This directive has now been superseded and integrated into the newly reformed Industrial Emission Directive (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive).

Specific animal by-product waste is exempt from this newly reformed directive and falls under regulation EC No. 1774/2002 of the EU which lays down health rules concerning animal by-products not intended for human consumption.

At AIC Group we pride ourselves on our ability to provide fully transparent advice on when permits are required.

We also provide what additional design features may need to be integrated into your installation to fully comply with legislation and how to apply for a permit if you do require one on you specific site.

We welcome enquires from all of our customers across the various industry sectors as well as the general public and both governmental or independent environmental consultants or organisations.

Provided below are links to both the industrial emissions directive and regulation (ec) no 1774/2002 – health rules concerning animal by-products not intended for human consumption.

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