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At AIC Group, our mission is to create a sustainable tomorrow by using innovative environmental and waste management engineering solutions. We are dedicated to a cleaner, greener future for our clients, where financial benefits align with environmental preservation.

About Us

AIC Group consults, designs, manufactures & manages the installation of high quality, robust Thermal Treatment and Waste To Energy systems across the Medical, Agricultural, Biomass and Municipal Industries worldwide.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, we tailor our manufacturing process to meet the unique needs of each client, meticulously considering factors such as waste stream composition, current expenditures, energy demands, site-specific conditions, and biosecurity requirements.

Through our bespoke approach, we strive to deliver optimal solutions for waste disposal and energy generation, empowering our clients to achieve their environmental objectives with maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity.

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How We Work With You

Tailored Waste Analysis

We take an individual approach to meeting your needs. By conducting site specific visits and analysing your waste stream we can identify the exact equipment to match your waste management needs assessing your content and volume.

Bespoke Design & Installation

Our experienced team design and manufacture the product that meets your functional requirements including site location, loading and unloading preference, and budget. Your bespoke product is then dispatched to your site where it is installed and commissioned by AIC.

Continued Technical Support

Full user training is provided to you and your staff to ensure safe operation of the equipment at maximum efficiency. We offer continued technical support and consultancy to you and your team throughout the lifetime of your product to ensure you are getting the most from it in terms of financial, environmental and productivity impact.

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