EcoBurn Incineration Systems


AIC Group consults, designs, manufactures & installs robust top quality waste incineration equipment to suit the diverse variety of waste streams in todays world.

Agricultural Grant Funding

Grant funding is currently available on our EcoBurn AGRI range of incinerators and EcoTech waste to energy systems. Grants are available in both Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland and are applicable to a variety of agricultural sectors.  

Agricultural Waste Incinerators

Our agricultural incinerators cater to a wide range of agricultural waste types and are applicable to all agricultural industry sectors including livestock production such as cattle, poultry, pig and sheep and crop production by-products.

General Waste Incinerators

Our general waste incinerators are designed to facilitate the disposal of a wide variety of waste streams from mixed solid waste to construction and demolition and everything in between.

Medical Waste Incinerators

Our medical and hazardous waste incinerators allow users to neutralise a wide variety of hazardous waste streams and are utilised in various sectors from healthcare to law enforcement.

Pet Cremation Incinerators

Our Range of pet cremation incinerators have be tailored to ensure the most economically viable cremation of medium to large animals.

Mobile Incineration Systems

All of our standalone incineration systems come in a mobile format with a wide range of transport methods allowing you to utilise EcoBurn incineration technology anywhere at anytime.

High Capacity Incineration Systems

Our bespoke high capacity incinerators are made to order to facilitate your specific needs such as waste streams to be disposed of, waste volume per hour and pollution control systems.

An Individual Approach To Your Waste


At AIC we manufacture incineration systems based on each individual clients specifc requirements taking into account your waste stream, current expenditure, site specific elements and biosecurity needs to ensure that we manufacture the best possible option to solve your waste containment and disposal issues.

Our solutions range from small scale stand alone systems to advanced, high capacity systems incorporating the latest in automated technology, safety control and performance analysis.



Waste Streams Serviced

Waste Diverted From Landfill (Tonnes)

Co2 Reductions (Tonnes)

Average Client Return On Investment (Months)

Our Process

Tailored Waste Analysis

We take an individual approach to meeting your needs. By conducting site specific visits and analysing your waste stream we can identify the exact equipment to match your needs from a waste content and volume standpoint.

Bespoke Design & Installation

Our experienced team then design and manufacture a product to meet your functional requirements such as site location, loading and unloading preference as well as your budget. Equipment is then dispatched to your site where it is installed and comissioned by AIC.

Continued Technical Support

Full user training is provided to you and your staff to ensure safe operation of the equipment at maximum efficiency. AIC offer continued technical support and back up to you and your team throughout the lifetime of your product.