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AIC Group

Creating a Cleaner Future

Leading the Way in Waste Management and Energy Solutions 

AIC Group specialise in providing solutions for Medical, Hazardous, Agricultural and General Waste.

Our expertise includes the design and manufacture of:

  • Waste To Energy Systems
  • Thermal Treatment Systems
  • Mobile BioChar Production Equipment

Advanced, Customised Solutions

Our systems cover a wide range of needs, from small stand-alone units to advanced high-capacity systems.

Implementing cutting-edge technologies in

  • Automation
  • Pollution control
  • Performance Monitoring / Analysis

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand each client has unique requirements. By considering your specific waste streams, disposal costs, site characteristics and biosecurity needs, we deliver solutions that are both effective and efficient,

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About Us

AIC Group

Tailored Waste Analysis

We take an individual approach to meeting your needs. By conducting site specific visits and analysing your waste stream we can identify the exact equipment to match your needs from a waste content and volume standpoint.

AIC Group

Bespoke Design & Installation

Our experienced team then design and manufacture a product to meet your functional requirements such as site location, loading and unloading preference as well as your budget. Equipment is then dispatched to your site where it is installed and comissioned by AIC Group.

AIC Group

Continued Technical Support

Full user training is provided to you and your staff to ensure safe operation of the equipment at maximum efficiency. AIC Group offer continued technical support and back up to you and your team throughout the lifetime of your product.