EcoBurn   Incineration Systems

Agricultural, General & Medical Waste   

EcoBurn – AGRI      MSW    MEDI     PET 


Parameters Value
Volume Capacity Options 0.5 – 15 M3
Load Chamber Size Options Variable – Based On Volumes & Waste Stream
Loading Method Options Top Loading / Front Loading – Manual / Automated
Load Capacity Options 0.1 – 10 Tonnes
Refractory Options Cast / Brick
Refractory Thickness Options 220 – 500 mm
Gas Retention Time  2 Seconds
 Fuel Options Kerosene, Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Bio Fuel
Afterburn Complies With EU Regulations Yes
DARD / DEFRA Compliant Yes

Equipment Overview


  • In house fabrication with 8mm, 10mm & 12mm robust mild steel outer shells
  • Primary and secondary chamber lining thickness of 220mm – 550mm rated at 1400°C – 1800ºC
  • 5mm – 8mm structural bracing throughout
  • Hydraulic & Counter weighted loading chamber door options for efficient loading and ease of use
  • Multi-layered refractory lining to ensure top level thermal efficiency and the lowest possible running costs
  • Modulating Burner system with dual and quad zone temperature control
  • Touch Screen PLC control system programmed to your specific waste stream and volumes to ensure optimised efficiency
  • Wirelessly accessible control, automatic burn tracking, fault logging and fault resolution
  • Optimised loading chamber for maximum operational capacity
  • Robust refractory insulated lid, providing excellent thermal efficiency
  • Two pack primer and undercoat paint system finish
  • Full warranty as standard with service & technical backup packages
  • DEFRA & DARD approved system to ensure your compliance with EU Animal By Products Regulations (EC) No 142/2011. Our system is capable of recording every burn cycle to ensure you are also fully compliant with waste traceability 

EcoBurn – AGRI


The EcoBurn agricultural incinerators are designed for bio-secure, clean and safe disposal of fallen stock, animal by-products and general agricultural waste.

The installation of an EcoBurn incineration system allows farmers to not only reduce costs but also removes off site waste collection traffic ensuring on farm biosecurity and eliminating the risk of disease entering your site.

All incinerators comply with UK & EU emissions and animal by-products legislation and are DEFRA / DARD approved and comply with EU Animal By-Products Regulations (EC) No 142/2011.

EcoBurn – MSW



General waste collection and disposal costs are increasing dramatically, these rising costs coupled with the low recycling rates that are currently being achieved have led to high levels of pollution across the globe.

The implmentation of an EcoBurn general waste incineration system allows users to reduce costs dramatically and ensures that legaslative requirments are upheld throughout.

AIC offer a comprehensive permitting service to guide you through any permits that may be required in your locality when incinerating general waste.

EcoBurn – MEDI


The EcoBurn range of medical waste incinerators have been designed for safe, efficient disposal of medical waste in field clinics, health centres, laboratories and hospitals.

Our design ensures that medical waste can be safely disposed of to help reduce the health risks associated with medical and clinical waste.

EcoBurn – PET


The EcoBurn pet cremation systems allows the cremation of smaller animals and pets. Designed to ensure profitable cremation for the user.

The installation of an EcoBurn PET incineration system ensures an efficient, profitable and dignified method of smaller animal and pet cremation allowing your business to provide the best possible service to customers

All incinerators comply with UK & EU emissions and animal by-products legislation and are DEFRA / DARD approved and comply with EU Animal By Products Regulations (EC) No 142/2011.

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