Grant Funding 

EcoTech – Agricultural Grant Funding


The AIC EcoTech Range Of Waste Managment Equipment Have Been Designed To Give Ease Of Operation, Long Lifespan And Optimum Operating Efficiency Harvesting Waste Heat From The Incineration & Other Processes, Ensuring Quickest Possible Client Return On Investment.

Our Systems are now approved under various grant funding schemes was shown below. Please feel free to contact us for further information. 

Grant funding is now available under two schemes within the island of ireland.

  • In the Republic of Ireland funding falls under the TAMS scheme and is focused on on farm improvements to both pig and poultry farms. This scheme is currently open to applicants and AIC Group can assist with online applications. Full information on the scheme and an instruction manual on how to apply is available on the scheme info link below. 

  • In Northern Ireland funding is provided by the rural development scheme under the farm business improvement scheme tier 2 – tranche 2. This scheme is scheduled to open in January 2020. Pre application information is available upon request from AIC and the department of agriculture and rural development.